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A History of Community

We have 10+ years of experience in event management and community engagement. We will work with you side-by-side to help you reach your operational goals. Also, you can capitalize on our network and community to reach new customers. Lastly, we will support you in partnering with others to design your events and benefits to your community.

Work Smarter Not Harder

Whether it’s website development or social media marketing, we utilize technology and tools to expedite your processes. Also, we will help you craft meaningful contests and media to share with your community to drive exposure and engagement. Furthermore, our technology will also give you insights into what your competitors are doing so you can better compete.

Invite Our Community

We invite you to share your event with our community so you can gain additional exposure on our events page. Furthermore, by sharing your event on our website it’ll also be sent to our mailing list during our weekly upcoming event email. Also, they gain information and exposure to your freelancing or business and what you have to offer for them.

Support Young Entrepreneurs

By working with us you have a direct impact on the next generation of entrepreneurs and social innovators. Furthermore, we donate 15% of our quarterly profit to Generation Innovation. They are a nonprofit organization focused on helping youth (ages 13 to 22) in becoming entrepreneurs. Also, they support youth in finding innovative ways to address their career development.


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Our Plans

Share Your Event

$25 per event
Calendar listing
Self manage posting
Email Announcement
Direct traffic to your site
Event landing page


$500 per month
when paid annually
7-8 hours a month
48 hour response to emails
Feedback and support
Dedicated success manager


$6,500 per month
when paid annually
Coaching Services
Community Development
Digital Marketing Services
Event Management Services


$9,000 per month
when paid annually
Community Management
Accounting Services
Human Resources Services
Program Management

Our Skills

We are a digital marketing and event management agency. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards to ensure our clients are reaching their goals. Also, we are a community focused on helping individuals reach their comfortable life. Furthermore, we are happy to work with you regardless of where you are in the entrepreneurship process.

Event Management
Digital Marketing
Curriculum Design
Operations Management

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