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Our team works with selected startups and nonprofits to improve their operations. Also, we help you with your human resources, supply chain, and more.


We work with our partner companies to craft and share their stories. Also, we help you survey your consumers to gain better insights before we head to market.


Through our partners we take care of the financial accounting for all companies that we hold an ownership stake in. Also, it helps to relieve some of your stress.


They’re a great way to promote your business. We help our partner companies host product launch events, conferences, and much more to strengthen the brand.

What we can do for you...

10+ Years of Experience in Business & Nonprofit Development

Our partner companies create remarkable experiences for their customers, employees, and the communities around them.

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Business Consulting

Receive in the moment recommendations on how to improve your company’s results.

Financial Consulting

Work with our retained consultants to map your path to business growth and profitability.

Market Research

We gather information to help you evaluate your consumers’ needs and preferences.

Risk Management

Evaluate your company’s risk and implement procedures to avoid or minimize the impact.

Group Benefits

Reduce your overhead and increase your value through group purchasing and more.

Saving Money

Avoid expensive fees, we work in exchange for an ownership stake in your company.

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Supporting freelancers, business owners, and nonprofit founders launch their businesses and create remarkable experiences for their communities.

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1425 Broadway #469
Seattle, WA 98122


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