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The Community Network:

Innovation Tribe of America was founded on the principle of a community network. There is a saying that goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”. This saying is true that as a village or a community we can raise the young to adulthood. However, this saying rings even truer when it comes to the success of individuals regardless of age. Furthermore, we work together to help each other succeed in career, freelancing, and business.

We have different needs at different points of time in our lives. However, we all have our ideal self-defined comfortable life. Having a strong community to support us towards our ideal life is important. Also, there are three pathways in life people can go through professionally on this road. The first pathway is a professional career after obtaining some form of post-secondary education. The second pathway is becoming a freelancer and breaking out on your own with your skills to aid others. Lastly, the third pathway is starting your own business so you no longer exchange time for money but exchange value for money.

Pathway 1: Communities for Career

A community in career development is another word for a network. However, it takes a much more thoughtful view on the people in your network. A network can be seen as a cold robotic process. Some may think networking is going to an event, having small talk, exchanging business cards, and then not really gaining anything from it. However, if you view your network as a community then you work together to support each other’s endeavors. 

Jobs don’t grow on trees and don’t fall from the sky! Furthermore, everyone needs to work and make endless efforts in order to secure a high prospective job. Find people who are at or connected to brands and firms you’re interested in. Also, invite them into your community and your chances of career development increase. The best part of a vast community is that you don’t have to conduct a proper job hunt. You can still stay up to date on job vacancies and employer needs through your community.

Pathway 2: Communities for Freelancers

A community for freelancers serves two important functions. Firstly, a community supports a freelancer in gaining referrals and new clients. A freelancer doesn’t have a marketing or sales team and does it for themselves. However, a strong community helps lighten the load of the freelancer. Their community members will tell their friends and business partners of the work of the freelancer when there is a need.

Furthermore, a community of fellow freelancers helps create homogeneity and satisfies certain needs of the individual. The main method to build a community of fellow freelancers is through co-working. Being a part of co-working can bring freelancers new clients, new collaborations with fellow members, the opportunity to get into public speaking, and much more. Lastly, the most important need that can be satisfied is a community to encourage one during their low periods.

Pathway 3: Communities for Entrepreneurs

A community for business owners and entrepreneurs helps the entrepreneur grow and learn. As entrepreneur,s we each will face challenges and have setbacks. Having a community helps one learn from other entrepreneur’s challenges and provides a sounding board to find solutions for one’s own challenges. Furthermore, having a community as an entrepreneur can provide one with new knowledge.

A business owner could be a restaurant owner with no marketing experience. However, if they have marketing friends in their community they could gain advice from them. Also, if a restaurant owner wanted to bring in more guests they could partner with someone in their community to hold an event at their restaurant. This would provide the restaurant owner with new foot traffic, but also provide the presenter the opportunity to provide a workshop or social engagement to their own members.

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