What’s My Secret Weapon

What’s My Secret Weapon?

Have you ever wondered “What’s My Secret Weapon” in freelancing or career? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Also, your secret weapon helps you increase your productivity while completing work. Your secret weapon creates customer benefits, company benefits, and benefits to the workforce.

First, your secret weapon means good customer service and interaction. This total client experience is the key to satisfying customers and clients. Furthermore, you can utilize this to convert people into loyal clients and customers. Also, when someone is loyal to you, they will share their experience with others. Thus, providing you with free word of mouth marketing.

Second, your secret weapon aids your company. By being productive through your secret weapon you will yield a worthwhile return on investment to your company. Also, productivity also helps motivate those you work with and boost morale, thus producing more results. Lastly, creating incentives for yourself, teammates, and those you supervise is a great way to encourage productivity. Having a productive team that is putting their secret weapons to use is a great way to increase productivity and help you earn more.

However, there are many ways to boost productivity in the career workplace and freelancing. Furthermore, there are three key secret weapons that you may have but we will help you figure that out in our free quiz later. Nonetheless, before we jump into your specific secret weapon, let’s discuss some of the ways to improve productivity.

Tips for Productivity

  1. Follow The Two-Minute Rule: First and foremost, we encourage you to adhere to the two-minute rule. The rule is coined by entrepreneur Steve Olenski. The two-minute rule is defined as “If you see a task or action that you know can be done in two minutes or less, do it immediately.” Completing the task right away takes less time than having to go back to it later. Furthermore, it’s about making the most of even the smallest moments in life. 
  2. Work in 90-minute intervals: Secondly, researchers at Florida State University found elite performers (athletes, chess players, musicians, etc.) who work in intervals of less than 90 minutes are more productive than those who work 90 minutes-plus. That being said it’s important to give yourself a break instead of grinding through so you can become more focused. Also, they found that top-performing subjects tend to work no more than 4.5 hours per day. Granted for some that may be a hard feat to accomplish but try to find time for an extended break after 4.5 hours at the very least.
  3. No More Meetings: Lastly, the greatest time suck for productivity is participating in pointless meetings. Nonetheless, we continue to unquestioningly book meetings, attend them and, inevitably, complain about them. Furthermore, the average office worker spends over 31 hours each month in unproductive meetings. So, before scheduling your next meeting, you need to self reflect on the situation. Ask yourself “Can the same goals be accomplished via email, phone, or video call?”


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