About Our Community!

The core element you must know about us is that at the heart of our operations is a community. We are a Black/African-American owned management firm. Furthermore, we were founded by Duron Jones in 2014, but his work began before then. Also, we are headquartered in Seattle, WA, USA. We invite you to join us at one of our events or meet with us at a coffee shop. Nonetheless, our resources are available to anyone who would like to work towards creating remarkable experiences for their communities. We are strong believers in providing actionable tools and resources towards success. Thus, we add no fluff to our tools and recommendations. Lastly, see more about our history below.


Student Activists

In 2007, Duron began down the road that would lead him to where he is today. At the time, the school district was discussing merging his high school with the local middle school. However, the district didn’t provide a forum for students to give input. Nonetheless, with the support of their teachers, Duron and some friends coordinated their peers for a walkout and protest against the school district. Thus, Duron joined the school’s the Building Leadership Team as a student ambassador.


Hear Us Out Report

In 2009, What Kids Can Do (WKCD) and Alliance for Education provided the opportunity for students lead a student advocacy project. Duron along with 24 other students gathered student voice on college access in two cities. First, students developed a survey with the support of WKCD, and the Public Science Project at CUNY Graduate Center. Next, they surveyed their peers at the high schools they attended to hear input on college access needs.


See It, Be It

In 2010, Seattle College Access Network (SCAN) hired Duron to plan the See it, Be it: Explore Your Future Career Conference. The event connected youth in middle school and high school to a variety of industries. Also, the youth had the opportunity to gain hands-on experiences with a variety of different industries. Furthermore, the industry professionals had the chance to share their unique industries to encourage youth to obtain careers in those fields.


Career & College Development

In 2011, Seattle University’s Center for Service & Community Engagement asked Duron to consult on career and college programs for their neighborhood high schools. Furthermore, during his time consulting for the University, he helped them develop an alternative high school on their campus. Also, he helped the University, improve their engagement with the neighborhood traditional high school.


Youth Empowerment Society - Consulting

In 2014, Duron founded Youth Empowerment Society – Consulting with the color scheme of red, white, and blue. Also, he was contracted by the business school at Seattle University to manage their programs. Furthermore, he was contracted by Washington FBLA to manage their corporate partnerships, volunteerism, marketing, and events. He worked with a team of freelancers to support their clients in creating remarkable experiences in business for their youth.


Innovation Tribe of America

Most importantly, in 2017, Youth Empowerment Society – Consulting was renamed to Innovation Tribe of America. Furthermore, we supported individuals in reaching their self-defined comfortable life. We did this through one of three pathways. First, career development and personal branding. Second, becoming a freelancer and marketing support. Lastly, supporting entrepreneurs in managing their operations.



Most importantly, in 2019, Innovation Tribe of America rebranded itself. Furthermore, we changed our colors from red, white, and blue to black, white, and gold. Also, we changed our emblem from the name bursting through a paper to the West African Andinkra symbol of life-long education. However, with this change we also focused in our services to freelancers and business owners.