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We create lasting relationships

360 Evaluation of Partnership (2)

360 Evaluation of Partnership

Minority Shareholder (2)

Minority Owner In Business

Long Term Investment (2)

Long Term Investment

Group Purchasing Power (2)

Group Purchasing Power

Strategic Approach
Holistic Operation Resources (2)

Holistic Operation Resources

Launch Parties & Other Events (2)

Launch Parties & Other Events

Strategic Retreats & Training (2)

Strategic Retreats & Trainings

Expansion Planning & Implementation (2)

Expansion Planning & Implementation

Free Assessment

Evaluate Your Fit Now!

Firstly, our assessment is a free self-guided process to help you determine if your company is a good fit for our application process. Also, you will receive immediate feedback on whether or not you should apply for partnership with Innovation Tribe of America. Nonetheless, choose forprofit or nonprofit above and begin your assessment today!

Step by Step

Application Process

Complete Online Assessment


Complete the Assessment (optional)

Firstly, we recommend taking our online assessment to determine your eligibility. The assessment should take you no longer than 5-minutes to complete. Nonetheless, you can still continue to step 2 without completing one.

Complete the Application

The application is the most important part of the process. However, it is also the lengthier part and you should set aside 15 to 20 minutes. Nonetheless, complete the application and a member of our team will review it within three working days.

Apply - Complete the Application (2)





Once your application has been approved we will schedule an interview with you to discuss your company and growth goals with you.

Ownership Negotiation

Innovation Tribe of America doesn't charge a fee for our services and resources. However, entrepreneurs are expected to provide a portion of ownership for service. Most companies do a 30-70% split but the exact percentage will be negotiated discussed during your interview.

Negotiating Ownership (2)


Company Growth (2)


Company Growth

Work with our team to help your company grow towards your market and success targets. Our goal is to help your company be successful within the first 18 months.


Once your company is profitable we will: (1) begin paying dividends to the company's owners (when appropriate), (2) you collect a salary that helps you reach your comfortable life, and (3) Innovation Tribe of America collects a monthly salary.

Profitability (2)


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Supporting freelancers, business owners, and nonprofit founders launch their businesses and create remarkable experiences for their communities.

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