Generation Innovation

Generation Innovation was established in 2018 to support young entrepreneurs and innovators. Most importantly, our entrepreneurs gain real-world experience in running a business. Also, they receive support in starting a business and locating startup funding. Our leaders create innovative solutions to local and world problems. Also, they build your leadership skills and knowledge through our trainings. Lastly, individuals find innovative solutions to their development. Also, they begin building their professional brands to help with post-secondary life.


Generation Innovation focuses on entrepreneurship, career innovation, and leadership development to provide real-world experiences for youth.

Generation Innovation &
the Fuel for 21st Century Success

At its core, entrepreneurship is the process of developing, organizing, and managing a business venture to make a profit. Also, the component skills of creativity, process of innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking are valuable whether or not the startup makes a profit. Furthermore, providing authentic and meaningful experiences for youth to learn the process is critical to developing an entrepreneurial mindset and capacity to apply those skills in any endeavor. Nonetheless, the world is facing a multitude of problems and solutions will come from innovation and passion. Generation Innovation provides the space for this growth.

Innovation Tribe of America 2 (2019-white-gold)

Supporting freelancers, business owners, and nonprofit founders launch their businesses and create remarkable experiences for their communities.

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1425 Broadway #469
Seattle, WA 98122


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