Green Leisure Club

Green Leisure Club (GLC) is a small company based in Seattle, WA which delivers high-quality adventure travel experiences for audiences 21+. Most importantly, GLC was created to promote the positive benefits of Hemp, CBD, and Cannabis for the Washington state. Furthermore, GLC provides activities, retreats, accessories, and more to help the Washington cannabis community relax in leisure. However, our community is as diverse as the number of strains of cannabis out there. Thus, we provide unique activities, retreats, and more that allow each person to engage how they feel comfortable.


Green Leisure Club prides itself in high-quality activities, lodging, retreats, and resources to the cannabis community in Washington State.

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Lily Cook

Lily Cook is the co-owner-operator of Green Leisure Club. Also, she is an adventure enthusiast and passionate about naturopathic healing. Furthermore, she enjoys baking and cooking in her spare time.

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Green Leisure Club & Hemp

Hemp offers a sustainability and durability that its competitors do not. Also, hemp’s low-cost and low-input farming, keeps the economic burden of hemp farming and hemp products noticeably lower than its substitutes. Hemp fiber is 10x stronger than cotton. Therefore, hemp lasts much longer than cotton would. Also, growing cotton requires pesticide use. Substituting hemp for cotton greatly reduces the economic and environmental impact of pesticides. However, hemp can also be used for construction, protein, fuel, and more!

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Mailing Address :

1425 Broadway #469
Seattle, WA 98122


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