Seattle Public Schools

Seattle Public School’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) is a planned program of courses and learning experiences. Furthermore, the experiences begin with exploration of career options, supports academic and life skills, and enables achievement of high academic standards, leadership, and preparation for career and college. Innovation Tribe of America works with Seattle Public schools to implement programs throughout the year. Most importantly, we plan their annual Senior Career Exploration Trip in collaboration with the district staff.


Seattle Public Schools provides career exploration opportunities to support students becoming prepared for their future careers and college.

Seattle Public Schools & Career Exploration

Firstly, opportunities for career exploration give students broader exposure to the working world they will one day enter. Furthermore, it helps them connect the dots between school and career. This helps to keep them motivated to graduate with the skills they will need for the future. Also, students who are involved in career exploration are more likely to plan their high school courses of study carefully to gain the skills they will need. Nonetheless, Seattle Public Schools provides opportunities for their students to explore future careers.

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