Accounting Services

Accounting (2) - Services



Through our retained accountants, we take care of recording all transactions and reconciling your books.

Financial Planning (2) - Services

Financial Planning


Our experts analyze the company’s financials, determine a strategy, and help grow the company.

Tax Preparation (2) - Services

Tax Preparation


Taxes can be a hassle but are required. We’ll take care of our entrepreneur’s, the company’s taxes, and more.

eCommerce Services

Online Shopping (2) - Services



With our resources you’ll be able to launch your own e-commerce store. You can run analytics and manage your orders.

Online Store (2) - Services



Manage a newsletter, hold flash sales, and sell gift cards to your store. Your customers can also earn points through word of mouth marketing.

Order Management (2)

Order Management


Don’t let the payment be your last contact with your customer. Most importantly, keep your customer abreast on their shipments location.

Event Services

Event Planning (2)

Planning & Management


Our event professionals will help you plan your product/service launch party. Also, we’ll set up subsequent events to build community.

Event Media (2)



Don’t miss out on the moments your events create. Our team will capture photo and video media of your event to use for promotion.

Event App (2) - Events

Mobile App


Our mobile app resources help your event outlive the one time experience. 88% of attendees sat that access to schedules on an event app is extremely important.

Human Resource Services

Payroll (2)


Human Resources

We utilize systems that make payroll easy with automatic filings and payments, benefits and time tracking, and more.

Employee Insurance (2)

Employee Insurance

Human Resources

Firstly, provide health insurance, retirement savings, and more for your team. It’ll be easy to start and implement.

Onboarding Training (2)


Human Resources

Properly onboarding your employees is important. The systems we put in place takes care of offer letters to compliance.

Marketing Services

Lead Generation (2)

Lead Generation


Capturing leads that visit your website is very important. Also, upselling your current customers can increase revenue. Our systems let you do both and more!

Social Media Management (2)

Social Media Management


Most importantly, building a social presence is important. Our professionals will help you manage your social accounts and generate blog content.

Website Management (2)

Website Management


Hosting and managing the constant updates of your website can be tiring. Our professionals manage the process so you won’t have to worry about it.

Other Services

Grant Proposals (2) - Services

Grant Proposals


Applying to grants can be a challenge for small and new nonprofits. However, our grant writers will complete grants on your behalf.

Business Advisory (2) - Services

Business Advisory


Our retained attorneys will help with contracts and business agreements, copyrights, trademarks, intellectual property, and much more.

Creating Remarkable Experiences

Mission & Vision

Innovation Tribe of America supports entrepreneurs in developing their businesses or nonprofits. We maintain the approach of being invested in your company so our success is your success. Furthermore, through this process, this lowers your overhead costs and helps you reach profitability sooner and avoid some risks.

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Supporting freelancers, business owners, and nonprofit founders launch their businesses and create remarkable experiences for their communities.

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